– Activate McAfee in one “CLICK” – Cybersecurity is a must for today’s computers and digital devices. The internet is stuffed with suspicious threats and malicious sites. McAfee can be very beneficial for business security and to encrypt the connection between your computer files and the internet. If you want to keep your business files and data safe from cyber attackers, then you should opt for the McAfee premium security program. It offers several features like firewall, full system scan, custom scan, and real-time background scanning. To download and install McAfee into your computer, please go to

01)From your preferred browser, go to
02)Log in to your McAfee account and select the desired product
03)Now, choose the desired subscription plan and click Buy Now
04)Review for the items in your cart and choose a payment method
05)Complete the payment and open the inbox of your registered account
06)Look for the confirmation message from McAfee and do as described 

How to create my Mcafee Account?

1. Firstly visit the official website, i.e., to create “McAfee login” account.
2. After this, click on “Register Now.”
3. Now fill in the necessary details and then click on “I Agree.” '
4. After clicking on the “I Agree” option, the McAfee account will get created.
5. So, these steps were regarding how to create McAfee Account.

How to activate McAfee Product Key?

1. Open the link, i.e. that is provided on the retail card.
2. After this, from there, select the country>language>device type.
3. Then access the Mcafee Login account with the Mcafee account credentials.
4. After this, enter the McAfee product key.
5. Note: The offline buyers can check for the McAfee product key at the back of the retail card.
6. After entering the product key, proceed further with the downloading and installation procedure.